Om Sweet Om Yoga

We are so excited to have this wonderful new space on the internet to connect and converse. I'll be putting my thoughts and information about the studio here in the weeks and months ahead. We hope you find the information informative and helpful and more than a little entertaining. Thanks for joining us and we hope to be practicing with you soon!!!


    Heather Bruton, MSW, CYT
    Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor

    Heather holds a Master's Degree in Social Work and has worked for the past 13 years with and developed counseling programs for children from diverse backgrounds with mental, physical and emotional needs.  She has practiced Yoga for the past 11 years in New York City at Integral Yoga Institute and here in Las Vegas.  Heather participated in both prenatal and postpartum gentle Hatha Yoga.  Heather teaches the Satyananda style of Hatha Yoga of the Bihar School in India. 


    October 2009